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It doesn’t happen to everyone, but every now and then you may be wondering if you are working in the right industry. It’s never too late to change your employer and you may find yourself wanting to explore different industries and different career paths for a variety of reasons.

Your cover letter is crucial when sending out either speculative or specific emails to recruiters.

Cover Letter Writing - Changing Careers

We have mentioned before that doing work experience or an internship is a fantastic way of boosting your knowledge and resume.

There are various internships available, depending on what industry and job role you want to go in to. It’s crucial that you choose the right role because you can add this to your professional resume when applying for paid roles.

Although internships are slightly different to every day working life there are number of things you should consider when working in the role. If you impress, you could end up with a job offer.

Working in an internship

What to Wear?

After you’ve had help writing a resume by using our professional resume templates, you are in a strong position to impress a prospective employer. But as well as having a strong application and cover letter, you need to think about first impressions at interview.

It’s great to have a professional looking resume, but if you don’t show up to a job interview looking just as professional, you could damage your chances of securing a job. We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but many people do, especially in the employment sector where first impressions count. So with that in mind…

Job Interview Tips

It’s difficult to get job interview practice as it’s hard to re-create the pressure of being questioned by a stranger when there’s a valuable new job position at stake. However there are a number of things you can do to help you gain that extra bit of experience to make you feel more comfortable in those vital job interviews.

interview tips

A huge portion of your waking life is spent at work. Therefore we all have a subconscious awareness of how important a job interview can be and the effect its outcome can have on your life.

It is essential you overcome any nerves and maintain a professional and confident approach. Here are some points to consider:


If you have been offered promotion, this will often result in a package being offered. It is important that you know your own worth and negotiate a contract which is as beneficial as possible. Obviously you need to know what is realistic for both yourself and your employer.

Here are the various aspects of a contract offer that you need to consider:

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career progression job promotion

Sometimes we feel that, despite fantastic performance at work, we are being overlooked for promotion. This oversight can be attributed to a number of factors, most of which are in your control. Here are some helpful tips to help you maximise your potential within your current organisation.

cover letter tips

The cover letter adds a valuable dimension to your sales pitch and demonstrates why you are suitable for the role being advertised. Here are some pointers on how to construct a winning letter:

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