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Telephone job interviews are becoming more and more popular with employers. They are a cheap and efficient way of finding out more about a candidate’s resume and career background.


Every now and then when you apply for a job you might be required to complete a telephone interview. Many companies use telephone job interviews as the first step in their recruitment process. This allows an employer to not only assess your skills and expertise before meeting you, but it also allows them to streamline the job applications they receive.

If you are offered a telephone interview then it’s essential you impress in order to get through to the face-to-face interview stage. Check out the tips below to ensure you impress during a telephone interview:

Telephone interviews are very common. They are the first step in the job interview process – and they are used by employers to help them decide whether or not to invite you to meet them. So it’s crucial to ace a telephone interview in order to increase your chances of securing employment. Here’s how to ace a telephone interview.

Interview Tips

If you have gone through a telephone interview and successfully completed a one to one interview you should be feeling good! But what some employers introduce (sometimes unexpectedly) at the final stage of interviewing is a workshop day – where multiple candidates are invited to take part in a day of interviews. Interview Tips

Telephone interviews can be a strange process. You are speaking to someone you have never met before and you need to make a good first impression which is sometimes really difficult over the phone (this is true for email interviews too). That’s why a lot of candidates feel they fail at the telephone interview stage and fear they will not be invited to the face to face interview. Telephone Interviews

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