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If you have been in the same job for a while you’ll probably be looking to progress your career. Aiming for a job promotion and a salary increase is one way of doing this. If you are looking to improve your salary this year, check out these tips to help:

Career Progression

One of the most rewarding things at work is being recognised for your talent and being offered a pay increase. A pay rise shows that the employer values your input and believes in your career progression within the company. So how do you secure a pay rise? Here are a few tips to help you impress your employer!


Career Progression

When you are looking for a job you are probably looking for a well paid position as well as something you enjoy. Not all positions will have salary brackets so how do you know which ones are well paid?


Looking for a Job

So, you’ve used the resume templates and finished writing a resume, used the cover letter templates and created the perfect cover letter, secured an interview and now you’re at the final hurdle. One of the toughest questions you’ll be asked in the final stages of the interview process is ‘What are your salary expectations?’

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