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If you are spending a lot of time on writing and creating a new resume, then it can be terribly frustrating if employers ignore your resume when it lands on their desk.

When applying for a job you’ll no doubt battle with the length of your resume as this is a problem for many candidates looking for employment. With work experience, skills and your expertise to outline all in one document it can be tough to keep the length to two pages or less.


Resume Tips

creating a sales resume

The sales industry is a popular career path for many people.


Resume stunts are happening more and more as millions of jobseekers across the country compete to find and secure employment. With 2.2 million people currently out of work, it’s no wonder resume stunts are happening more regularly. So what exactly do we mean by a ‘resume stunt’?


With more and more competition on the job market it’s now more important than ever to go the extra-mile when applying for a job. Employers read through tonnes of resumes every time they advertise a vacancy so to ensure they thoroughly read yours and potentially invite you to a job interview, you need to make your application stand out.

Here are some ideas of how to stand out from your competition:


If you have been sending your resume out time and time again with no reply you are probably starting to feel frustrated. But don’t fret – here are three tips to help you stand out to an employer so your next job application should be a success!


Whilst an employer probably won’t immediately look at the achievements section of your resume, it is a vital part as it can help to support your work experience and your industry expertise. By listing some achievements it not only adds credibility to your resume, but it can provide an interesting talking point during a job interview. So what achievements should you include?


Every so often your resume will need a spring clean. If you’re applying for a new job you’ll need to dust it off, delete anything irrelevant, add new content and give the design an update too! So if you are about to refresh yours, here are some ideas to help!


Sending your resume to employers and not getting anywhere? Here are some reasons why:


Sending your resume out to recruitment companies could help you to find employment but what do recruiters look for on a resume and application? Are they different to employers? And what can make your resume stand out from the other candidates registering with recruitment companies? We spoke to an ex-recruiter to find out some tips on how to impress.

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