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When sitting down and writing a resume many candidates concentrate solely on the resume content and many spend little time on the design and layout of their resume.


Every so often your resume will need a spring clean. If you’re applying for a new job you’ll need to dust it off, delete anything irrelevant, add new content and give the design an update too! So if you are about to refresh yours, here are some ideas to help!


Sending your resume to employers and not getting anywhere? Here are some reasons why:

Check out our top five words to use on your resume and why they may help you to gain a job interview:


Resume Advice and Tips

If you are trying to update your resume, you may be wondering how to order the content. What should be at the top? And how much content should you include on it? Take a look at the check list below to help you organise your resume.

Creative resumes grab both the employer’s and the public’s attention. In the past few weeks we have seen a variety of creative resumes make headlines including resumes made of food and resumes based on famous websites. So if you are trying to make your resume more creative check out these tips.

Resume Advice and Tips

The majority of resume templates follow a pattern, regardless of the industry. A good resume template will be laid out well, will have excellent spelling and grammar, will be personalised to the job role and will be full of key skills and experience that are relevant to the job role. But every so often some mistakes come along. Here are five resume mistakes to avoid!

Whether you are sending your resume directly to the employer or using an employment agency, it’s vital to understand what exactly they are looking for in order to maximise your chances of finding employment.

You may have looked at resume templates before and wondered why they are so important. Surely an employer will only care about content, right? Here are a few reasons why resume design and look is crucial too.

Writing a resume is the first step in the job hunting process but you then need to market and promote it to prospective employers. We’ve listed three ways you can promote your resume and increase your chances of finding a job.


Resume Tips

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