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When sitting down and writing a resume many candidates concentrate solely on the resume content and many spend little time on the design and layout of their resume.


Writing a new resume and wondering whether you should spend time on the layout and design? Here are some reasons why designing a resume is crucial when applying for jobs.

Whether you are sending your resume directly to the employer or using an employment agency, it’s vital to understand what exactly they are looking for in order to maximise your chances of finding employment.

You may have looked at resume templates before and wondered why they are so important. Surely an employer will only care about content, right? Here are a few reasons why resume design and look is crucial too.

Whether you have been working for the same organisation for years or have just started working for a new one, occasionally you might find yourself feeling undervalued at work.

Interview Tips

The Olympics 2012 have increased popularity of sport all over the globe. And there are millions of people that want to work in sport, whether it is hands on or research.

If you are about to start a new job you may be feeling a little overwhelmed.

This year has seen some of the world’s best athletes take to the stage in London for the 2012 Olympics. We’ve seen a variety of athletes swoop the gold and stand out from the crowd. But how do you perform like this at work and stand out from your colleagues? We’ve got a few ideas below.

Whatever industry you are working in, you’ll probably want to further your career and profile. Boosting your career profile should be something you look at regularly as it can make you better known in your field and could lead to job opportunities. So just how do you and your resume template get noticed in your chosen industry?

Career Progression

If you’ve recently been offered a job interview, you’ll need to start preparing for the big day. There are a number of things to concentrate on before a job interview but we’ve listed below some vital points to help you prepare. Job Interview Tips

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