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There are a variety of sections that make up a resume but is one more important than the other? We think they are equally important…here are some reasons why every section of your resume is important and why you should focus on getting each one right before you apply for a job!

Most resume templates you see will have a space for references. So why are they so important?

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We’ve looked at how to resign at work before on the blog, but if you are still toying with the idea of leaving your job, refresh your memory with these tips to help you resign successfully.

When writing a resume it is vital that you include references. This can really support your application and help you to win a job interview. Here’s how a reference can enhance your resume writing. CV Writing References

References are a crucial part of your resume template. They can add weight to your application and are good contacts to have if you ever need to network in the future. But they may also be a good source of information – you can find out current job vacancies through them and even apply for jobs.


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