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When applying for a job you’ll no doubt battle with the length of your resume as this is a problem for many candidates looking for employment. With work experience, skills and your expertise to outline all in one document it can be tough to keep the length to two pages or less.


Resume Tips


There are a variety of sections that make up a resume but is one more important than the other? We think they are equally important…here are some reasons why every section of your resume is important and why you should focus on getting each one right before you apply for a job!


Every so often your resume will need a spring clean. If you’re applying for a new job you’ll need to dust it off, delete anything irrelevant, add new content and give the design an update too! So if you are about to refresh yours, here are some ideas to help!


Sending your resume out to recruitment companies could help you to find employment but what do recruiters look for on a resume and application? Are they different to employers? And what can make your resume stand out from the other candidates registering with recruitment companies? We spoke to an ex-recruiter to find out some tips on how to impress.

Check out our top five words to use on your resume and why they may help you to gain a job interview:


Resume Advice and Tips

Rapport building skills are very desirable and many employers look for these in candidates they hire. So why are rapport building skills so vital, and how do you show them when writing a resume? Read on to find out:

When you are writing a resume it’s easy to fall into the trap of writing cliché content. Check out our tips below to help you avoid this and to help you write original, innovative content.


Resume Advice and Tips

If you have just handed in your notice at work you will probably be required to work a notice period. Most companies have this and they can differ in length – from one week to three months. But when you’ve lost interest in the position and are ready to leave, it can be difficult to remain motivated.

Career Progression

Whether you have been working for the same organisation for years or have just started working for a new one, occasionally you might find yourself feeling undervalued at work.

Interview Tips

Securing a management position can feel extremely rewarding. Often it takes a long time to progress in your career and to be offered a promotion. So if you have just started a new, senior position here are some tips on how to impress!


Career Progression

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