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It can be tough to limit your resume to one or two pages, especially if you have a lot of work experience you want to demonstrate. But employers usually want to see resumes that have a maximum of two pages so they can get to the relevant information quickly. The job of your resume is to entice the employer to want to find out more about you and your expertise and so your resume should provide a snapshot of your skills and experience. If you are wondering how to write a resume and you are finding it hard to cut out content, take a look at these tips:

Resume Advice and Tips

Not every job vacancy will have these, but quite a few will! Instead of just sending your resume template and writing a cover letter, some employers will ask you to fill out an application form. These often look quite daunting as they are usually full of lots of questions!


Job Application Tips

Most often you will be looking for a job that is close to home or not too far to commute. But sometimes, due to career or lifestyle choices, you will find yourself applying for jobs all over the country. Long distance applications can be hard but we’ve put together some job search tips. Looking For Jobs

If you are starting to look for jobs overseas and are considering a move, here a few tips that might help. Looking For a Job Overseas

There are a number of things you can do if you want to be recognised in the work place and in order to secure career progression. But there are some things you should steer clear of too. Career Progression

• Friday, January 27th, 2012

A report on the BBC website has detailed how 200, 000 new jobs were added to the US economy in December 2011.

If you have attended a job interview and you find out a few days later that you have got the job it can be a great feeling. But before you jump in feet-first you should assess the offer carefully and send back an appropriate response.


Accepting a Job Offer

On average most employers will look at your resume for up to five seconds before they decide whether they should continue reading. That’s not much time. To ensure your resume gets read and you stand a chance of a job interview, you should concentrate on editing and updating your personal statement. Personal Statement

Some people (if they are lucky) know exactly what kind of career they want and train as a specialist in their field. Others take years to find a job they enjoy and it’s not uncommon to lack direction when you are job hunting. So, is having a specialism an advantage when you are looking for a job? Working in a Specialism

• Friday, December 23rd, 2011

A recent article on Yahoo has highlighted unemployment figures across the US.

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