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Most resume templates you see will have a space for references. So why are they so important?

Resume Advice and Tips

When writing a resume it is vital that you include references. This can really support your application and help you to win a job interview. Here’s how a reference can enhance your resume writing. CV Writing References

References are a crucial part of your resume template. They can add weight to your application and are good contacts to have if you ever need to network in the future. But they may also be a good source of information – you can find out current job vacancies through them and even apply for jobs.


Cover Letter Writing

When writing your professional resume you will of course need to add a few references. Whether you use a resume template and add the referee names before a job interview or submit them after, it’s important that you secure a referee before you start your job hunt.

As well as looking good on your resume, a referee can also contribute in your job hunt by offering a letter of recommendation. So they are very powerful tools.

Picking the Right Resume References

Obtaining references for your resume can be a daunting process as it can often involve talking to previous employers you may not have contacted in quite some time and will certainly involve a little head-scratching with regard to picking the right people that will present you in the best possible light if questioned by your prospective employers. The latter point is the most important one here as ultimately, when creating your resume, you’re creating a document which has to sell you to your potential new employer and every aspect of your resume has to reflect this underlying goal.

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