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If you have been invited to attend a group job interview here are some ways you can impress the employer…

skype interview tips

Skype job interviews are becoming more common. Various companies use Skype to complete the first stage of a job interview before inviting a candidate to a face-to-face meeting. But with only a camera to look at and a limited view of the interviewer’s body language – how do you know you are impressing them? Here are three ways to impress during a Skype job interview.

If you have reached the job interview stage then you need to prepare for the interview – but how do you know what to expect? Although every job interview is different we’ve listed below some key traits of a job interview and some tips on how you can impress.

Interview Tips

If you have been invited to a job interview you will need to prepare – from what to wear, to what to take with you. But preparing for an interview can be nerve wracking and sometimes you may find yourself forgetting things. Just in case, we’ve listed below some essential things you should take to a job interview so make a check list the night before and arrive fully prepared to win the job. Interview Tips

The explosion of social sites and social networking in recent years has led many employers to interview candidates in a variety of ways. It’s now not always about dressing for a job interview and heading straight down to the employer’s office for a face-to-face meeting. The popularity of services like Skype has led to more and more companies conducting first interviews via the internet in the form of a video interview. Interview Tips

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