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There are so many different stages of job interview to prepare for that it can be a little daunting. If you reach the group interview stage of any position you apply for it is because you are very close to being considered for the role. Many employers will conduct telephone interviews initially followed by one to one meetings and, finally, group interviews. The group interview is a chance for senior members of the company to collaborate on your application and ask you a variety of questions.

Group Interview Tips

No matter what job you apply for, you always need to have a positive and approachable attitude. You have probably heard of the old saying – people buy people. And in a lot of cases this is true. You may have the best experience possible, but if you don’t build a good rapport with your interviewer and have a bad attitude, you are less likely to be offered the job role.

Good Job Interview Attitude

What to Wear?

After you’ve had help writing a resume by using our professional resume templates, you are in a strong position to impress a prospective employer. But as well as having a strong application and cover letter, you need to think about first impressions at interview.

It’s great to have a professional looking resume, but if you don’t show up to a job interview looking just as professional, you could damage your chances of securing a job. We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but many people do, especially in the employment sector where first impressions count. So with that in mind…

Job Interview Tips

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