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Many companies that recruit nowadays will have two stages of a job interview. The first will either be a telephone interview or face-to-face interview and the employer will initially want to find out more about you as a candidate and your credentials. The next stage is the second job interview, which is a chance for an employer to find out about your skills in-depth. During this interview the employer may also get other members of the team involved to help them make their final decision. So if you have made it to the first interview stage, here are some ways you can make it to the second interview stage:

how to show motivation in a job interview

Demonstrating to an employer during a job interview that you are motivated is essential. Showing motivation can really help to improve your chances of being offered the job. Motivation is infectious, so during an interview if you are motivated, an employer will be too. Motivation also shows that you want the job and that you are interested in the company. So how can you show motivation in a job interview?

skype interview tips

Skype job interviews are becoming more common. Various companies use Skype to complete the first stage of a job interview before inviting a candidate to a face-to-face meeting. But with only a camera to look at and a limited view of the interviewer’s body language – how do you know you are impressing them? Here are three ways to impress during a Skype job interview.

job interview

With so much competition out there, it’s now more important than ever to make an impression during a job interview and to stand out to the employer. Employers see multiple candidates for every one position they advertise, and if they all share similar qualifications as you – how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Here are three ways you can stand out in a job interview:

If you are attending a group job interview you’ll need to work extra hard to grab the employer’s attention. Here are a few tips on how to stand out.

Interview Tips

You have got to the job interview stage and you are facing a number of questions about your work experience and resume. But how do you know the employer likes your answers? And how do you know whether the job interview is going well?

Interview Advice

You’ve attended a job interview, answered all of the questions brilliantly and left feeling confident. If you then receive a call informing you that you haven’t got the job, it can be easy to feel confused and disheartened. What went wrong? Job Interviews

We have all heard the expression ‘it’s not over until it’s over’ and this certainly applies to job interviews. Many candidates make the mistake of ‘relaxing’ too soon after their interview and this can leave an interviewer with the wrong impression.


Making an Impression During a Job Interview

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