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If you are currently unemployed and looking for employment read on for tips on how to improve your job search…

job search tips

Are you currently looking for a job and finding it tough to secure a job interview? Or finding it tough to find vacancies full stop? The job market is so competitive that finding the right position and getting an employer to notice your resume is becoming increasingly difficult. If you’re wondering why your job search isn’t going to plan here are five reasons why it might be failing and some tips on how to revive it:

summer job

Whether you are about to have a break from college or you just want to try something new – there are plenty of diverse job roles to look for in the summer.

Running businessman.

When you are looking for a job it is vital you keep your job search up to date. Even if you send out multiple resumes and are awaiting feedback from employers, you should still keep searching and applying for jobs to keep your job search moving. Here are some tips to help you keep your job search current:

When you are looking for a job you are probably looking for a well paid position as well as something you enjoy. Not all positions will have salary brackets so how do you know which ones are well paid?


Looking for a Job

Freelance work can be great for your resume template. It can enhance your experience, improve your career history and open up new contacts. Freelance Work

Getting fired from a job, although not desirable, is actually quite common. Most employees will have been fired at some point throughout their career. It can dent your confidence and leave you feeling low but it shouldn’t stop you from applying for future vacancies.


Cover Letter

When you are hunting for a new job you should always highlight your past achievements. As well as having a good resume template it can be very beneficial to have a portfolio of your work to show a prospective employer.


Cover Letter

It is very rare but every so often an employer may decide to conduct an interview with you over email. With so many things to do online today including social media, advertising and live streaming amongst others, more and more employers are using the internet to do business online. It’s a good idea to update your resume and cover letter to keep up with the pace of the internet. Ensure you list phone numbers and email addresses at the top of your resume (if you’re using our resume builder this will automatically be arranged for you by our resume templates) and add any HTML links so an employer can view any of your work online. If you are a premium member of the Resume Surgeon service then you can host your resume online via your own URL – it’s good practice to share this with potential employers and also looks very professional. Email Job Interviews

You have a few different options to explore when you are job searching. You can search for relevant positions via the internet or local adverts and apply for jobs directly, or you can send your professional resume to an employment agency who can start the job hunt for you.

How does it work?

If you want to widen your job search then sending your resume to an employment agency can be really beneficial. An employment agency works with companies of all shapes and sizes to recruit successful candidates into positions. If it is a general rather than specialist agency there are usually quite a lot of varied job roles available. It’s their job to find their clients good candidates and to find you employment. If job hunting is taking up a lot of your time then an employment agency could be the right path for you. After you submit your resume along with your cover letter they will usually call you to conduct a brief telephone interview. They will ask you what you are looking for, what your salary expectations are and they will ask you to highlight relevant skills and achievements. Your details are then kept on file until they match a job role. The recruiter will then call you to discuss the position and if you would like to be submitted. They will then take care of the rest – including interview preparation and, if you get the job, salary negotiations. It is always a good idea to keep your own job search alive – an employment agency could take months to find you the right role so don’t rely on them solely.

Using an Employment Agency

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