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second job interviews

Many companies organise multiple job interviews when interviewing candidates for vacancies.


Many companies that recruit nowadays will have two stages of a job interview. The first will either be a telephone interview or face-to-face interview and the employer will initially want to find out more about you as a candidate and your credentials. The next stage is the second job interview, which is a chance for an employer to find out about your skills in-depth. During this interview the employer may also get other members of the team involved to help them make their final decision. So if you have made it to the first interview stage, here are some ways you can make it to the second interview stage:

If you’ve been going to countless job interviews and have yet to secure a new job then follow these three simple tips to help you improve your job interview performance and hopefully help you to find employment.


Interview Tips

A survey last year revealed that the number one mistake made during a job interview is failing to ask for the job.

So how do you make sure the employer knows you want the position? Check out these tips below to help you re-iterate your interest in the job.

If you have recently attended a job interview and are waiting to hear back from the employer, you’ll need to plan your follow up routine to ensure you gain interview feedback.

Interview Tips

After you have been to a job interview the next step is to wait for a response from an employer. But if they don’t get back to you for weeks you may need to write a follow up letter. Check below to help you compile a follow up letter and to make an impression.

If you have attended a job interview and been informed you didn’t get the job, it’s easy to move straight onto the next opportunity. But you should take this time to thank the employer for their time, even though you didn’t get the position. Interview Follow Up

Job interviews can be really daunting but not hearing back after you have attended one can be even more daunting! It’s crucial that you try and obtain job interview feedback though. Interview Follow Up

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