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Thousands of companies offer internships. They are often unpaid and can see you working in a company for weeks, sometimes months, to gain experience and to find out more about your chosen industry. But as many of these positions are competitive and unpaid – why should you apply for an internship? Here are a few reasons why internships can be good for your career progression:

Working in an internship can provide some great career benefits. It can boost your knowledge and work experience and allow you to meet relevant contacts for the future. But whether you are just leaving College or you’re thinking of starting a new career, you need to know where to look and how to find placements effectively.

How to find an Internship

We have mentioned before that doing work experience or an internship is a fantastic way of boosting your knowledge and resume.

There are various internships available, depending on what industry and job role you want to go in to. It’s crucial that you choose the right role because you can add this to your professional resume when applying for paid roles.

Although internships are slightly different to every day working life there are number of things you should consider when working in the role. If you impress, you could end up with a job offer.

Working in an internship

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