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Becoming a Windsurfing Instructor can be a very rewarding career. There is usually very little time spent at a desk and you can spend all day working in a sport you enjoy.

In this interview, Tez Plavenieks, a qualified Windsurfing Instructor who now works in Copywriting and Journalism, tells Resume Surgeon about the industry and shares some resume tips for those wanting to become an Instructor.

In this latest career interview, Resume Surgeon talk to Paul Taylor, a Freelance Software Engineer, to find out more about the job role and some career tips for those wanting to get into the industry.

If you have strong organisational skills, good customer service skills and enjoy interacting with new people then a job as a Receptionist may be for you.

Karen Jack currently works as a Receptionist in Florida. She talks to Resume Surgeon and shares her career advice.

Working as a Bouncer can be challenging. Working either in a club or a bar, Bouncers are responsible for keeping crowds under control and mainting safety throughout a venue.

Resume Surgeon recently talked to Fred Kimble who has worked in the industry for 33 years in the UK. He tells us what it takes to be a Bouncer and shares some career advice.

If you enjoy woking in a fast-paced office then becoming a Realtor could be a good career move.

Resume Surgeon caught up with Chelsea Prout, a Lettings Negotiator based in the UK, to gain some tips on how to break into the industry and what to include on your resume when applying for a job.

Becoming a Dentist can take years of studying and work experience but, once qualified, the job offers variety and flexibility as Dentist Chris Preston explains. As owner of the Riverside Dental Practice in the UK, Chris tells Resume Surgeon what it’s really like to be a Dentist and offers some career advice.

The health and fitness industry continues to grow as thousands of people apply for jobs every year.

Leanne Stone is a Personal Trainer from the UK and in this exclusive interview with Resume Surgeon she tells us how she got into the industry and shares some resume tips.

Finding a job in the media can be tough but it’s even more difficult to find your ideal job abroad! You have to impress an employer in a foreign country and there’s often hundreds of other candidates to compete against!

Kaitlyn Critchley is a trained Journalist from Canada and currently works as a Content Manager for Castleford Media in Australia. In this exclusive interview with Resume Surgeon Kaitlyn talks about finding work abroad, offers career tips on how to break into the media and tells us what she thinks makes the perfect resume…

Although hiring activity in the US is beginning to pick up, many people are still finding it tough to find full time employment. So instead many candidates turn to temping agencies to help them find temporary work.

Kerry Laws is currently temping for a banking firm in the UK. She tells Resume Surgeon about her temping experience and offers some job search advice.

Working as a Radiographer can be very rewarding and it offers lots of career progression. But how long does it take to qualify? And how can you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs?

Ed Lock, currently in his last year of studying for a Radiography Degree in the UK, talks to Resume Surgeon. He tells us what it’s like working on the job and shares some career tips.

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