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When sitting down and writing a resume many candidates concentrate solely on the resume content and many spend little time on the design and layout of their resume.

If you have been applying for jobs and haven’t been that successful, you could be experiencing a lack of confidence in your resume. But instead you should look at the positives on your resume as it will help you to boost your job interview chances. Check out these tips to help you build resume confidence and hopefully increase your employment opportunities.

Christmas is fast approaching and that means many employers will be looking for extra staff to keep up with customer demand. There are usually a variety of part-time and temporary jobs available at this time of year including in the retail and food industry. Check out these three tips to help you apply for jobs this yuletide.

Job interviews can be very scary, especially if you are interviewing with a company you really want to work for. But there are a few things you can do before an interview to help you combat those nerves – check out our tips below.

When you are writing your resume it is crucial that you consider the layout and design as well as the content. You could write the world’s best resume but if it is laid out poorly it is unlikely to attract an employer to look through it.

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