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Cover letter writing can be difficult and if you have written a cover letter and are disappointed with the content it can be even more difficult to edit!


Cover Letter Writing Tips

Cover letters are just as important as resumes when it comes to applying for a job. Your cover letter can help you to enhance your job application and it gives the employer a chance to find out more about you as a candidate and why you want to work for them. When you’re preparing to apply for your next job, don’t just send out a generic cover letter – check out our tips below to help you make it extraordinary!

Cover Letter Tips

Your cover letter is arguably one of the most important things to concentrate on when applying for a job. Although your resume is essential, your cover letter can be that extra bit of information that the employer needs to invite you to a job interview. These tips should help you to make your cover letter interesting to read:


Cover Letter Tips

During a job hunt you’ll probably revisit your resume time and time again to make small tweaks and to perfect it. But you should also revisit your cover letter writing to ensure you are improving it. For every job role you apply to you should write a personalised cover letter and tell the employer why you are the right candidate for the job and why you want to work for them. Here are our simple steps to help you improve your cover letter writing:

Cover Letter Tips

When you write a cover letter, you will need to adapt the style to the position you are applying for. You need to ensure your cover letter is personalised to both the employer and the job role. Follow these simple steps to ensure your cover letter stands out from your competitors.


Cover Letter Writing

When you are applying for a job you will need to enclose a copy of your resume template and you will also need to write a cover letter. So what should you include in your cover letter during a job application?

Cover Letter Writing

Just like when you are choosing a resume template, you need to think carefully about the design and layout of your cover letter. A cover letter can help you stand out from your competitors so spending time on its layout can potentially increase your chances of securing a job. Cover Letter Writing

Writing a resume is the first step in every job hunt.  But writing a cover letter is also a crucial part of applying for a job. Here’s why…

Cover Letter Writing

The latest US figures show that more people than predicted have been claiming for jobless benefits. The claims are currently at 380,000 and so it is clear that the job market is as competitive as ever.

If you are currently job hunting, read these tips to help you maximise your search.


Looking For a Job

Knowing who to address your cover letter to is really important in order to send off a good job application. Although in some cases you have to address the employer as ‘Dear Sir/Madam’, it’s much better to find out their name and write a cover letter to them directly. Cover Letter Tips

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