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If you’ve secured yourself a new job then you’re over the main hurdle of impressing the employer during the job interview (well done!). But the hurdles don’t stop there – your first week of your new job can be full of obstacles and it’s vital you make an impression. If you’re about to start a new role here are some tips on how to make a positive impression on your boss!


Thinking of creating a career portfolio ahead of your next job interview? If so, ensure you don’t make these classic mistakes…

how to avoid stress at work

Whether you have been working in your job for years or are just embarking on a new career, work can sometimes be stressful. Whether it’s training at work to learn new processes, dealing with customers or organising meetings – stress can sometimes creep into your working day. A recent survey suggests that 40% of workers in the US feel their job is extremely stressful and 25% of people surveyed believe that work is the number one source of stress in their life. Check out these tips to help you avoid stress at work.

career advice

Not everyone knows exactly what they want to do when they leave high school. Many people spend years in jobs they don’t enjoy before finally realising what it is they want to do for a career. So if you are one of these people and are struggling to decide what profession you want to be in, then follow these simple steps to help you choose the right career path for you.

Some candidates find themselves facing the frustrating rejection of ‘you are too overqualified for the position’. But can you ever be too overqualified? And what can you do to avoid this situation? Looking for a Job

Series 8 of popular television show The Apprentice is about to hit UK television screens. The show, which follows candidates from around the UK bidding to win a large business investment, attracts thousands of viewers every year. There are a variety of characters from a variety of backgrounds so with this in mind, Resume Surgeon asks the question – what makes a good apprentice?



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