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Career portfolios can be a really effective way of supporting your resume and work experience when you apply for a job opening.


Thinking of creating a career portfolio ahead of your next job interview? If so, ensure you don’t make these classic mistakes…


Some people think it’s a necessity during a job interview whilst others think it’s unnecessary – but can a good career portfolio really help you to secure employment?


Many people don’t bother creating a career portfolio throughout their working life. But they can be a great way to look back on your previous successes and they are a great way to keep a log of all of your achievements. A career portfolio can also be important when it comes to looking for a new job or a promotion. Here are some reasons why:

If you’ve been going to countless job interviews and have yet to secure a new job then follow these three simple tips to help you improve your job interview performance and hopefully help you to find employment.


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career portfolio advice

Creating a career portfolio can improve your job chances for a number of reasons. A career portfolio can demonstrate to an employer your previous work, can show any projects you have completed and it can outline the results you achieved in your previous positions.

If an employer is trying to visualise what impact you can have within their company then a portfolio of your work can help. But if you have taken your portfolio to a number of interviews and found that the employer simply flicks through it, then your portfolio may not be as interesting as it should be. Here are some ideas why your portfolio might not be getting the attention it deserves and some ideas on how to improve it.

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Not everyone knows exactly what they want to do when they leave high school. Many people spend years in jobs they don’t enjoy before finally realising what it is they want to do for a career. So if you are one of these people and are struggling to decide what profession you want to be in, then follow these simple steps to help you choose the right career path for you.

If you are preparing to update your resume and apply for a job, you may also want to think about updating your career portfolio. Your career portfolio can showcase your work and help you to demonstrate your expertise and achievements during a job interview. So as well as having the obvious content (past achievements, notes on successful projects, examples of work) what else can you do to make your career portfolio interesting? Check out these simple steps to help you improve your career portfolio and hopefully your job interview chances!

The majority of employers use online resources to look for candidates and advertise opportunities. So to ensure you maximise your chances of finding a job you should create an online portfolio to attract employers.


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Impressing the interviewer should be your number one priority during a job interview. If you can impress the interviewer by showing them why you are the ideal candidate for the job, then you are almost guaranteed the role! Here are a few tips on how to impress during a job interview.

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