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If you have been looking for jobs but have yet to be invited to an interview, check out our tips below on how to step up your job hunt! Looking for a Job

If you are looking for a job and finding that employers are not getting back to you, don’t despair. It could simply be that you need to explore more avenues and open up your job search with more tools. There are so many ways to look for work and it’s crucial you use as many resources as possible.


Looking for a Job

If you are currently unemployed you may be feeling tired of job hunting. But don’t despair – there are millions of people across the country in a similar situation. It’s crucial that you stay focused during a job hunt to ensure the best possible results. Here’s how to plan a job search if you are unemployed. Looking for a Job

There are a number of job roles out there for both introverts and extroverts. If you are an introvert you are probably finding the thought of job hunting very worrying. It can involve networking with people you don’t know, spending time in large groups and not being able to work as independently as you may like. But follow these simple steps to help you maximise your chances of securing a job interview.

CV Tips

Often job vacancies are advertised internally before being opened up to the general public. And if you are working in a company that has an internal vacancy then this can mean that you have exclusive access to a job before anyone else.  But just because you work at the company, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be given the job.


Looking For a Job

Some candidates find themselves facing the frustrating rejection of ‘you are too overqualified for the position’. But can you ever be too overqualified? And what can you do to avoid this situation? Looking for a Job

Looking for a job can be both time consuming and stressful. And if you have been looking for a job for weeks and been sending out your resume template and haven’t been successful – you could find yourself lacking motivation. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated during that job search!


Looking For a Job

With the unemployment rate in the US currently at 8%, Resume Surgeon looks at some ways of dealing with unemployment.


How to Handle Unemployment

When you are looking for a job you are probably looking for a well paid position as well as something you enjoy. Not all positions will have salary brackets so how do you know which ones are well paid?


Looking for a Job

Thousands of people look at moving abroad every year. Whether it’s lifestyle, a career move or personal circumstances, people move across the globe all of the time. If you are planning on moving away, you’ll probably be starting to look for a job and be preparing your resume. Here are some tips to help you maximise your job hunt:


Looking for a Job

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