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If you want to impress at a job interview you should try and decipher what exactly is required during an interview – check out our tips below to help you prepare! Interview Tips

If you have been invited to a job interview you will need to prepare – from what to wear, to what to take with you. But preparing for an interview can be nerve wracking and sometimes you may find yourself forgetting things. Just in case, we’ve listed below some essential things you should take to a job interview so make a check list the night before and arrive fully prepared to win the job. Interview Tips

If you’ve recently been offered a job interview, you’ll need to start preparing for the big day. There are a number of things to concentrate on before a job interview but we’ve listed below some vital points to help you prepare. Job Interview Tips

When you attend a job interview, it’s not just your outfit and job interview body language you need to be aware of. An employer can tell a lot about you through your tone of voice – so below we’ve listed some things to bear in mind when you’re chatting away in a job interview.

Interview Tips

Job interviews can be quite scary and it is very easy to slip up during the interview. You need to absorb information about the company, perfect your resume template and answer job interview questions perfectly all in the space of one hour. To help you perfect your job interview technique we’ve listed three common interview mistakes and some advice on how to avert them. Job Interview Mistakes

During a job interview there are some really obvious things you need to show the employer. An enthusiasm for what you do and relevant work experience are just a few of the things an employer will be looking for. But if you really want to stand out check out a few ideas below that could see you crossing the finishing line first… Interview Tips

Every so often you may find yourself in a job interview and facing some negative feedback. This can be incredibly awkward and it can be easy to let it alter your mood and hinder your performance. Here are a few tips on how to handle negative feedback. Interview Tips

If you have been working with a recruitment company to find a job and have a job interview to attend, you will have a lot of questions. And the best person to ask is the recruiter! They have probably dealt with this client before and will be able to share some job interview tips. We’ve listed some crucial questions to ask the recruiter below.  Interview Tips

The explosion of social sites and social networking in recent years has led many employers to interview candidates in a variety of ways. It’s now not always about dressing for a job interview and heading straight down to the employer’s office for a face-to-face meeting. The popularity of services like Skype has led to more and more companies conducting first interviews via the internet in the form of a video interview. Interview Tips

You can impress an interviewer in a variety of ways and one thing most employers look at during a job interview is attitude. If a candidate has a positive attitude then it will most likely rub-off on the employer and leave them with a good impression. But what if you have a bad attitude?


Job Interview Attitude

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