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If you have sent your resume out to countless employers and have had no job offers or even offers to attend a job interview, why is your resume being ignored? Check out some common reasons below and some ways you can resolve them!

Spelling Mistakes

One of the easiest mistakes to make can be sending your resume out to an employer while it’s still in the rough stages. If you have seen a job opening and are desperate to apply, you may have sent your resume out before it was completed. If your resume has any spelling mistakes in it then it’s likely the employer will think you don’t show attention to detail and therefore may not spend long looking at your resume. Before you send it ensure you have checked it for any errors and that you proofread it.

Not Personalising It

An employer will notice very quickly if you have sent out a blanket resume. Writing a generic resume and sending it out to multiple employers won’t help you to gain job interviews. An employer will only read your resume if it relates to the job and what they are looking for. Be sure to check through the job description and highlight your relevant key skills and work experience. You should also make a reference to the company throughout your resume and demonstrate to the employer why you would be a good addition to the team.

Not Listing Relevant Work Experience

One of the biggest things an employer will look for in a resume is that you have the experience to carry out the job successfully. If they don’t see this they are likely to move straight on to the next resume. You should highlight instantly your relevant work experience including responsibilities and ensure they know you have the right experience for the job.

Lack of Statistics

When deciding whether or not to invite a candidate to an interview, an employer will usually make the decision based on whether they think the candidate can excel in the role. One of the best ways to demonstrate this on a resume is by including figures. Figures to demonstrate your previous work successes, projects and achievements will help the employer to visualise the possible impact you could have on their company.

Not Promoting Yourself

One of the reasons your resume may be being ignored is because you are not promoting it well enough. When you are looking for work you should explore all your avenues by using a number of resume tools. Create an online portfolio to host your resume and work experience, upload your resume to job sites, get in contact with an employment agency, use social media sites to get your profile noticed and attend networking events. All of this will help when it comes to job hunting.

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