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career portfolio advice

Creating a career portfolio can improve your job chances for a number of reasons. A career portfolio can demonstrate to an employer your previous work, can show any projects you have completed and it can outline the results you achieved in your previous positions.

If an employer is trying to visualise what impact you can have within their company then a portfolio of your work can help. But if you have taken your portfolio to a number of interviews and found that the employer simply flicks through it, then your portfolio may not be as interesting as it should be. Here are some ideas why your portfolio might not be getting the attention it deserves and some ideas on how to improve it.

There is too Much Text

When an employer looks at your career portfolio they need to be able to find the key information quickly. If you include paragraphs and paragraphs of text in a small font type then an employer will probably find it difficult to pick out the key content and may even get bored. Try to space out your text by bullet pointing the key points you want the employer to read. Use bold text and enlarge fonts too to make your portfolio more interesting to look at.

It’s Boring

Your portfolio needs to tell a story. It needs to outline your previous work, show some of your best projects and demonstrate why you are the best at what you do. Within your portfolio you are telling your career story to date and you are trying to impress a prospective employer so it should be exciting to read! But if employers aren’t reading through your career portfolio or are not asking you questions based on your portfolio content that it could indicate that it’s not exciting enough. Revisit the text of your portfolio and assess whether it reads well and keeps your interest. If not, consider ways to improve the content. Perhaps you need to include more figures or perhaps you need to draw on more real life work experiences or projects. Your portfolio shouldn’t just be a list of your achievements, it should be an outline of you as a candidate.

There Are No Pictures

Whatever you specialise in, you should be able to include some pictures in your portfolio to highlight your achievements. Whether you work in PR and can include some press releases and articles or you work in recruitment and have graphs and statistics to display – ensure you include these in your career portfolio. Not only will it make your portfolio more interesting to read but it should also highlight your achievements more effectively.


Presenting an employer with a portfolio that looks messy can really put them off of reading it. If your portfolio isn’t bound and is not laid out with any thought or structure then it may not give off the right impression to an employer. You need to ensure your portfolio is bound in a folder and focus on the design and layout to help make it stand out.

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