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You may have looked at resume templates before and wondered why they are so important. Surely an employer will only care about content, right? Here are a few reasons why resume design and look is crucial too.

Firstly, before you apply for a job, spend time searching for different resume styles to ge an idea of what designs are popular in your chosen industry. You can find a host of resume templates that will give you ideas of how to structure your own resume. Design can mean a number of things; pictures, layout, colours and formatting. An employer is obviously very interested in the content of your resume and what skills you can bring to their organisation but a good resume template can help you get your foot in the door. Here’s why:

Stand Out

A good looking resume template will help you to stand out from your competitors. Employers can receive thousands of resumes every week and if all of them read similarly, how do they separate them? By creating a good looking resume and slick design it’s likely the employer will be drawn to your resume first – especially if it looks slightly different from the rest. So although content is crucial, design can really help you to get noticed.

Demonstrates Your Attention to Detail

If you send a messy looking resume to an employer they are likely to feel that you haven’t spent much time on your application. By spending extra time tweaking your resume with good layout the employer will be able to see you have attention to detail and this is a quality most interviewers look for.

Shows Your Skills

Employers look for candidates that are dedicated, thorough and take pride in their work. The first thing an employer will see is your resume and you can actually display these skills just by the design of your resume. Concentrating on good design can show the interviewer that you have the skills they desire.

Increases Versatility

If you have a good resume design then you are able to apply for jobs more quickly. By picking a sleek, neutral design then you are able to apply for jobs as soon as they become available. Obviously you may have to spend time tweaking content to make it relevant to the job but a good design helps you speed up the job application process.

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