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job interview tips

Being rejected for a second interview can be tough but it’s even harder if you don’t know why you were rejected. If an employer doesn’t give you feedback then you may be left wondering why you didn’t make it to a second job interview. Here are some possible reasons why you may have been unsuccessful and some tips for your next interview:

Your Resume

Your resume is the first thing an employer will look at when deciding whether to invite you to a job interview or not. Although your resume got you to the job interview stage, it may have stopped you from securing a second interview. Once an employer scrutinises your resume and asks you questions about it they may feel you are under qualified or too qualified for the role. If an employer asked you questions about your resume content and you found them difficult, they may also have felt that you weren’t confident with your experience. Before your next job interview spend time practicing job interview questions and look over your resume content to ensure you know it well.

No Career Portfolio

If you didn’t take a career portfolio with you to the job interview, then you may not have demonstrated your key skills and abilities to the employer. A career portfolio can support your resume content and can help you to demonstrate your work achievements and capabilities. If you didn’t have your portfolio with you the employer may have found it difficult to visualise the impact you could have on their company and this could have affected your chance of a second interview. In preparation for your next job interview, consider having some examples of your work to take with you to demonstrate your successes.

Lack of Rapport

During a job interview it is vital that you build rapport with the interviewer. If you found it difficult to build rapport during the job interview then it may have damaged your chances of securing the job. Many employers like to hire candidates that can not only do the job, but candidates that can fit in well with their team. Every company has a team ethos and working atmosphere and as a candidate you will need to fit in with the working environment. If an employer doesn’t feel that your personality will work with the existing team in place, then it could be a reason why you were not selected for a second interview. Before your next job interview spend time researching the company and find out information about your interviewer. The more knowledge you have of the employer, the more questions you can ask which should help you build rapport.

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