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Sending your resume to employers and not getting anywhere? Here are some reasons why:

It’s Too Long

Employers don’t have a lot of time to read applications. Most employers will receive dozens of resumes and applications for every position they advertise and so the selection process needs to be quite quick. If you send in your resume and it has pages and pages of text then the employer probably won’t have time to read it – instead they may skim read your resume and miss the vital information in it. Try to keep your resume short and to the point – ideally under two pages in length – to increase the chances of it getting read.

It’s Not Relevant

An employer will ignore your resume if they feel it’s not relevant to the job role and the company. So to ensure your resume is relevant, ensure you do your research on the job role and the organisation. Look at the main responsibilities of this position and ensure your resume reflects similar positions you have worked in and that it explains how you have previously handled these responsibilities. You can use your personal statement and career objective to personalise your resume too – explain why you want to work for the company and what career goals you have that may fit in with the organisation.

It Has Spelling Mistakes

Reading a resume littered with grammatical errors is a big turn off for employers. If your resume has spelling mistakes throughout it, it will give the impression that you haven’t proof read your resume and haven’t put much time into your application. Although this is a basic step to get right, it’s crucial to your job interview chances so ensure you proof read your resume before you send it out.

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