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If you are searching for jobs and are not sure where to find all of the latest vacancies check out these tips on where to look for work…


By far the best place to look for jobs is online. Most companies and recruitment agencies will advertise their latest vacancies on their websites so it’s the first place you should be looking if you are trying to find a job. Most companies now also use social media to interact with staff and to network with clients. If you don’t already have an online presence on sites like Twitter and Linked In then you should create a profile and start following your favourite companies. By following companies and recruiters you can keep up to date with all of the latest news, get involved in discussions and get your profile and resume noticed.


Newspapers and trade publications offer lots of job opportunities and leads. Your local newspaper should have a page dedicated to local employment so ensure you purchase it every week and scan the pages for local companies hiring. If you are interested in a particular industry then do some research on what publications are popular as these will usually be full of company information, news and vacancies.


Networking with people is a great way to find out about new opportunities. Whether it’s talking to an ex-colleague or speaking to someone at a networking event, talking about your experience and letting people know you are looking for employment could lead to a new job.


Print off your resume and consider handing it out to local businesses. Some companies don’t advertise their vacancies straight away so by visiting employers face-to-face you may be beating the competition to the job. If you hand out your resume and there are currently no opportunities, you can ask the employer to keep your details on file. This should mean that the next time they have a vacancy, you’ll be considered – if you have the right experience for the role.

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