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writing a resume

When you are writing a resume and preparing to send it out to an employer, it’s vital to keep in mind what content they may want to see and what they will be looking for in your job application.

You Have Past Work Experience

An employer will need to know that you have past work experience in a similar job or in the industry because it shows you have the knowledge and expertise to succeed in the position they are advertising. Use the work experience section of your resume to list previous job roles that you think the employer may want to know about. Ensure you include the dates you worked in the position, the job title, your main responsibilities and any skills you picked up during your time in employment.

You Have the Skills to Do the Job

Most employers will list a certain set of skills or qualifications they are looking for. They will either list them as ‘essential’ or ‘desirable’. Demonstrating that you have the ‘essential’ skills and qualifications is crucial as it’s likely the employer won’t consider your resume if they feel you don’t possess the right qualifications. Use the education section of your resume to outline all of your qualifications and the grades you achieved. If you possess some of the ‘desirable’ skills the employer has listed then you should highlight these throughout the skills section and work experience section of your resume. Try to highlight these by giving examples of how you have applied them in the workplace and highlight the impact it had on your previous role and the company.

You Want to Work for the Company

When reading your resume and cover letter an employer will want to know why you want to work for them. To grab the employer’s attention try to personalise your resume and application. Use the company website to research their history and use the job description to note down key responsibilities. When writing your resume try and tie your own work experience and skills in with this to demonstrate why you want to work for the employer and what attributes you could bring to their organisation. Not only will this show the employer that you have done your research but it will also help them to visualise you in the work place.

You Have References

References on your resume will instil confidence in your prospective employer and will also support your resume content and experience. Approach ex-employers and colleagues to ask if they would be a reference on your resume as this will demonstrate to your prospective employer that you are trust worthy and respected in the industry.

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