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Every so often you may find yourself feeling sad at work. The weather, poor motivation and your general well being are all factors that could contribute to you feeling sad at work. But if you are constantly feeling down in the office and dread going into work it could be a sign that things need to change. Here are some tips that can help if you are feeling sad at work:

Find Out the Issue

If you are feeling constantly down at work you need to assess why this might be. Sit down and make some notes on your current role including the ‘pros and cons’ of the position as this will help you to pin-point negativity. Are you unhappy with your manager? Finding it difficult to build rapport with your colleagues? Working too many hours? Not happy with your salary? Find out the root cause of your unhappiness and you can begin to solve it.

Find a Resolution

Once you have identified the reason you are unhappy you can begin to put a plan into action to resolve it. If you’re unhappy with your salary or role you should set up a meeting with your manager to discuss this in more detail. If you are struggling to build professional relationships then arrange a social meeting with your colleagues or start attending team building events on a more regular basis.

Use Goals

Set yourself time targets to review your progress within the company and to review whether you feel more positive about your job. After you have attempted to resolve the issue, set a review date on your calendar one month from the date you resolved it. When this date approaches review your progress – have things improved at work? Are you feeling happy in the workplace? If you feel your mood at work hasn’t improved much it could be time to seek further help or consider finding a new position.

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