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If you have just finished exams at high school, you’ll know how important they can be. Getting the right grades can determine what college you go to or what career path you follow.

Leaving school can be tough because it is so familiar. Once you are out looking for employment, it can be very difficult to decide exactly what you want to do and where you want to do it. So if you have just received your results you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed. Check out our tips below to help you decide your next step;

• Write a resume and choose a resume template to ensure your resume looks as attractive as possible to potential employers. List your qualifications and prepare to send it out to relevant employers.

• The next step is to decide exactly what you want to do next. This may not be your final career, but it is good to narrow down your goals – do you need to go to college? Do you need work experience?

• Once you have decided what kind of job you want to do consider approaching employers to gain work experience. This will help you to not only boost your resume skills but to decide whether it’s the right career path.

• If you want to take a year out to travel or gain work experience, now is the time. It’s highly unlikely that you will be able to do this once you are in full time employment so consider this carefully.

• If you want to spend time volunteering whether it’s abroad or not, you should research this before you accept any job placements.

After all of this you should be in a good position to take the next step and leave your school days behind!

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