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Although the job market is already competitive, it’s even more competitive at this time of year. During the New Year period thousands of candidates will be updating their resume and searching for a new job. New Year’s resolutions play a big factor in the increase of job applications at this time of year. If you are looking for a job too it’s now more crucial than ever to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

One way to make your resume stand out is to demonstrate how employable you are to the employer as this should grab their attention and prompt them to want to find out more about you as a candidate.

We’ve listed below some typical attributes employers look for in candidates and some tips on how you can display these on your resume and cover letter.

Team Player

Demonstrating that you are a team player on your resume is essential as it’s a desirable skill for most employers. Whether it’s working in sales or customer services, being a good team player will demonstrate that you are dependable and trustworthy. To display these skills on your resume try including specific examples of your team work and any job roles that rely on working with others.


Being reliable at work is vital and many employers will be looking for this on your resume. Being punctual, staying late at work when it’s required, attending networking events and taking on extra projects are all things that may be required of you in a future position so showing you are capable to take these on will help you get noticed. Note down any volunteering you have done in your spare time to show you go the extra mile.


Determination is a valuable skill as it will demonstrate to an employer that you are keen to progress within their company. Determination will not only show your desire to progress your career but it will also show your desire to progress the business. Include any statistics or achievements within your resume to prove your skill set.

Willingness to Learn

Whether it’s taking on new responsibilities, learning a new process or attending training events – learning is essential in any job and so it’s vital that you show the employer you are willing to learn. Include any extracurricular activities you have completed and ensure your education is up to date.

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