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Whether you are sending your resume directly to the employer or using an employment agency, it’s vital to understand what exactly they are looking for in order to maximise your chances of finding employment.

Resume templates. The first thing a recruiter will be looking for is a stand-out resume template. This could mean a number of things to different recruiters but usually they are looking for a well laid out resume, key skills that fit the job specification and relevant work experience. The recruiter will probably receive dozens of resume templates too so it’s important yours stands out! Spend time on the layout of the resume and ensure you match it with the job description and organisation.

• Personality. As well as recruiting a candidate who can do the job, an employer will often look out for someone who can fit in with the team and someone who shares the same work ethos. It’s crucial that you inject a bit of personality in your resume and this will probably be more explored during a job interview.

Cover letter. Don’t send your resume without a cover letter as it will look like you haven’t spent much time on the application process. Instead spend time creating a cover letter, personalise it to the employer and elaborate on your skills.

• Work experience. An employer needs to know you have relevant experience to the job so outline any work you have done including internships.

• Creativity. Companies are so competitive that they often look for candidates with a bit of creativity. Creativity demonstrates that you have initiative and that you can think on your feet. It also demonstrates that you have fresh ideas which is something all companies look for in order to push their business forward.

• Accuracy. You can show this just by paying attention to your resume. Ensure you proof read it and check for any grammatical errors!

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