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When writing a resume and applying for a job it’s vital to put yourself in the employer’s shoes. In order to write the best possible resume and to increase your chances of being invited to a job interview, you should consider what the employer will be looking for in your application. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are updating your resume:

What Relevant Experience Do I Have?

Work experience is perhaps the most crucial part of your resume. When an employer receives your resume they will navigate to the work experience section first to find out what relevant experience you have, what companies you have worked for and what kind of responsibilities you have taken on during your career history. When writing your work experience try to target roles that you have worked in that you feel the employer would like to know about. Have you worked in a similar job to the one you are applying to? Did you carry out similar responsibilities in a previous job? Did you work for a competitor? Any work experience you feel the employer might want to know about, include in your resume.

What Skills Match the Job Role?

When a company advertises a job role they will usually list ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ skills. Essential skills are skills that the successful candidate has to have in order to successfully fill the role. If you don’t include these on your resume then it’s likely the employer won’t consider you for a job interview so be sure to look through the job description and match your key skills to those the employer is looking for.

Which Qualifications Should I List?

If the company have listed a required qualification then it’s crucial you include this on your resume – possibly even at the top to grab their attention and to assure them you are qualified for the role. If you have any other qualifications that you feel are relevant to the role ensure you include them on your application.

Why Do I Want to Work for the Company?

When applying for the job you should ask yourself why you are applying for it and why you want to work for the company. Thinking about this will help you to personalise both your resume and cover letter which will make your application a more interesting read for the prospective employer.

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