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If you have been job hunting for a while and sent out your resume to employers without much feedback then it could be time to re-assess your application in order to stand out from your competition.

Resume Writing

If your job hunt is not as successful as you thought it would be, the first thing you should do is re-assess your resume. It may be that you have not explained your skills well enough or that you haven’t put enough detail into explaining your previous work experience. Revisiting your resume regularly to update the content and keep it fresh is essential during a job hunt. For some tips check out our resume writing section.

Social Networking

Social networking is very popular and companies also use it to communicate with potential employees. If you are not using social networking sites you may find that you are hindering your chances of finding employment. Employers often use Twitter and Facebook to announce job opportunities and if you don’t check these you may be finding out about jobs weeks after they were announced. Sign up for an account, start interacting with employers that you would like to work for and comment on industry news as this will help you to get noticed in the industry.

Online Career Portfolio

So many companies use the internet to find candidates and so having a presence online to showcase your work can really increase your employment chances. Consider setting up a website or blog to showcase some of your previous work and to write about your professional life. You can use the URL when communicating with employers so they can see your work instantly – this can help you stand out from the crowd.

Networking Events

Networking events are a great place to meet contacts and to promote yourself. Ensure you attend networking events occasionally, take copies of your resume and get your name out there!

Cover Letter Writing

As well as writing a good resume you need to write a good cover letter that grabs the employer’s attention. If you are not having much success with job applications consider writing personalised cover letters to each employer and practice.

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