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If you’ve been looking for a job you may have contacted employment agencies to help you find work. Employment agencies work with you to publicise your resume template and work experience and they specialise in placing you in suitable positions. But in order for them to give your resume maximum exposure, they need to know you are a candidate worth investing in. Here are three ways to impress an agency.

Resume Writing

Writing a resume is crucial during your job search but writing a good resume is essential if you want to impress an employment agency. Firstly, they need to be intrigued by your resume and want to call you for an interview. One way of grabbing their attention is by writing a good resume – include all of your relevant work experience, ensure you check for errors and use resume samples to help you decide a layout and design. An employment agency will be working on behalf of companies and they will have good working relationships with their clients. They will need to know the candidate they put forward for the job is skilled enough and your resume can help demonstrate this.


You will most likely be asked to attend a job interview with the employment agency. This will be to not only find out about your work experience and history but to also find out what you are like with punctuality. If you turn up late, don’t go or turn up dressed inappropriately, this will give the agency the impression that you are unprofessional and this may hinder your chances of finding work. Instead ensure you turn up on time and dress as if you are attending a job interview.


An employment agency will be extra-impressed if you have done your research and know what companies they deal with. Before you have a meeting with the employment agency spend time looking at the opportunities on their website and research their clients. You should then be able to mention what opportunities you are interested in and align your skills and experience to ensure you are put forward for the job.

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