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Feeling happy in the workplace is essential. Not only does feeling happy in the workplace lead to healthier all-round lifestyle, but it also helps with career progression. Whatever industry you are working in, here are our three tips on how you can feel happy at work:

Get to Know Your Colleagues

Socialising with colleagues and building rapport at work can really help you to feel positive in the workplace. Having a solid relationship with your work colleagues can help with both your career aspirations and your personal development. Socialising also helps you to relax and feel more positive. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know your colleagues outside of work-time then ensure you make time for it. Ask colleagues to join you for lunch, attend social events, attend staff parties and consider arranging team building events that everyone can get involved in. Having a strong group of friends around you at the office will definitely make turning up to work more enjoyable.

Push Yourself

Pushing yourself to achieve goals is essential if you want to feel happy in the workplace. Feeling motivated and working towards goals will give you focus and your job purpose. So to ensure you don’t stagnate try assessing your goals regularly and revise them, keep a to do list of the projects you are working on, ask for extra tasks and arrange regular meetings with your boss to let them know your progress. This will demonstrate your passion for the job and the organisation and may help you work towards a salary increase.

Find a Job You Love

The best way to feel happy at work is to do what you love. It may be difficult to find your perfect job, but it’s not impossible. If you work in a job that you enjoy then you are automatically going to feel happier. So if you think you need a change of direction update your resume and cover letter, use social media to find out about new opportunities and get applying!

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