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Resume Surgeon > Blog > Three Ways to Combat Job Interview Nerves

Job interviews can be very scary, especially if you are interviewing with a company you really want to work for. But there are a few things you can do before an interview to help you combat those nerves – check out our tips below.


Preparation is crucial before a job interview. Not only will it help to calm your nerves, but it will demonstrate to the employer that you have done your research and that you are hard working. The first thing you should do to prepare is perfect your resume. Draft a copy of your resume, listing down relevant work experience. Then consider looking at examples of resumes to find out what is a popular layout and content in your chosen industry. Use a free sample resume to get inspiration for your own resume writing and perfect it. You should spend time absorbing your work experience and skills too as the employer will no doubt be looking at your resume and asking you questions about it during the interview. The better you know the content, the more prepared you will feel and this will help to calm your nerves and give you confidence throughout the experience.


Relaxing before a job interview is a proven way of helping to battle nerves. There are a number of ways you can relax – it depends on the individual. But some activities include reading, exercising and socialising. Relaxation exercises like Yoga and Pilates are also proven ways of relieving stress. So take time out before your job interview to explore some of these activities and it could help you feel more confident.


Practicing before a job interview can really help to eliminate nerves. Whether it’s practicing job interview questions with a friend or writing down some interview questions, this is a great way of boosting your confidence. Consider asking a friend to practice with you and to role play. If they take on the role of the employer you can then practice the entire interview – from when you walk in to the moment you leave. This gives you a great opportunity to answer questions and practice other crucial points like body language and facial expressions. Ask for feedback from your friend and ensure it’s honest. At this point you still have time to go away and perfect the interview so it’s crucial you find out what you did wrong. You could also sit in a room with a notepad and pen and research the company and think of some interview questions to ask the employer. Asking the employer questions will show you are interested in their brand but it also gives you an opportunity to shine the spotlight on them for a while – which should help to further calm your nerves and help you to impress during the interview.

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