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It can be difficult to stand out at work if you are an introvert. Extroverts can be loud and speak their mind in the workplace whereas introverts are usually more refrained from voicing ideas. If you think you are an introvert and want to stand out in your job then follow these simple steps to help you.

Update Your Resume

By regularly revisiting and updating your resume writing, you will become more confident of your own skills and more aware of your experience. Writing your personal statement and career objective regularly can help you to be more focused in the work place and to assess your progress. If you know your resume content well you will be able to recite this in work meetings and it should make you feel more confident when it comes to searching for a job promotion.

Build Rapport

It can be daunting trying to speak your opinions or let senior management and your boss know of your ideas and achievements. However if you build rapport with these members of staff you will feel more comfortable in meetings with them. Try to socialise with work colleagues, attend work meetings and events and try to build rapport as this will help with future conversations.

Write Ideas Down

If you find it difficult to talk to your boss and share ideas then writing it down can help. Write a list of your achievements and compile a list of your goals and ideas. Keep this with you and take it to meetings as not only will it make you feel more confident, it will ensure you don’t miss out vital information in work appraisals. This can also help you work towards promotion and will help you to get recognised in the workplace.

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