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If you are preparing to update your resume and apply for a job, you may also want to think about updating your career portfolio. Your career portfolio can showcase your work and help you to demonstrate your expertise and achievements during a job interview. So as well as having the obvious content (past achievements, notes on successful projects, examples of work) what else can you do to make your career portfolio interesting? Check out these simple steps to help you improve your career portfolio and hopefully your job interview chances!

Add Video

Many people stick with the traditional way of creating a career portfolio. Writing key successes from previous positions, including examples of previous work and writing a cover letter to include in a portfolio is generally what most candidates do. Whilst this is great for job interviews as you can take a long copies of your work, more and more companies are interested in online content. Many businesses use video to promote their products and engage with their customers so why can’t you do the same? Including a link to a You Tube video on your resume can be innovative and different. You could create a video compilation of your work and upload this online for the employer to view. Not only will this help you to make an impact during an interview but it also allows the employer to see your achievements with very little effort. A two minute video is much easier to view than pages and pages of text. Creating a video for your portfolio can help you to make a bigger impact and should help you stand out from the opposition.

Add Pictures

Depending on the industry you want to work in, you should consider adding pictures and images to your career portfolio. Images not only help you to further demonstrate your achievements but it can make your portfolio more interesting to read. If an employer has pages and pages of text to look through it could make them feel bored and they may not get the full impact of your portfolio so try and include some photos.

Add Statistics

As well as telling the employer about your achievements you should demonstrate them and show the employer the impact they had on your last position. By including statistics and figures the employer is able to see the results you have achieved and it will help them to visualise the possible impact you could have on their company. If you are applying for a sales job, include statistics on your recent sales figures. If you are applying for a customer service job, include statistics on how many customers you helped to retain/how many calls you dealt with a day. Including these figures will make your application stand out and will give the employer a better insight into you as a candidate.

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