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Christmas is fast approaching and that means many employers will be looking for extra staff to keep up with customer demand. There are usually a variety of part-time and temporary jobs available at this time of year including in the retail and food industry. Check out these three tips to help you apply for jobs this yuletide.


Layout is vital when you are getting set to send out your resume. Employers receive lots of resumes every day so you need to ensure yours looks different to stand out from the crowd. You can gain inspiration by looking at a free resume sample from your chosen industry. Resume samples allow you to look at resume layout and design and can help to give you some ideas of how to lay yours out. Depending on the industry you are applying to, it can be good to show a bit of creativity. Images and colours on your resume can help you to do this. You should also look at the text layout. Many candidates send their resume to an employer with text disorganised which can make it difficult to read. Consider laying out your text in boxes to make it as easy as possible for the employer to extract the information they need. A good resume layout can make your job application look different and therefore an employer may read it first and that could help you beat your competition.


Resume content is vital. When you are applying for a position you should research the company and the job role in order to personalise your job application and resume writing. Find out what goals and aspirations the company has and find out the key responsibilities of the job role you are applying to. You then should match your resume content to this and demonstrate how you fit in with the company’s goals and how your skills are relevant to the job role and how they can impact on the position. You can use previous work experience to highlight how your skills and knowledge are suitable for the job but you can also draw on past achievements, facts and figures to outline how you have put these skills into action. Good resume content will not only ensure the employer reads on but it will also make your application memorable and help the employer to visualise what you would be like in the position.

Be Different

One of the most important things on your job application at Christmas is to be different. Many employers will be hiring extra staff so that means lots of people will be looking for work and applying for jobs. Your competition may be increased at this time of year so it’s crucial that you stand out and make your application different. Whether it’s writing a creative cover letter, designing your resume template, phoning the employer to ensure they got your application or adding images to your resume – try something different to boost your chances of securing a job interview.

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