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Want a promotion? Want a salary increase? Then follow our ten steps to impress your boss and start progressing your career today:

Be Punctual

Being punctual to work is essential if you want to show your boss that you are reliable and that they can count on you. Ensure that you always leave plenty of time to arrive to the office. Not only will this make you look organised but it will give you an opportunity to manage your work load more effectively.

Stay Late

You shouldn’t need to stay late every day at work, but on the odd occasion staying late can help your career progression. Staying late to complete tasks will demonstrate how committed you are to the company and the job role.

Help Colleagues

If you work in a team environment then why not show how much of a team player you are? Showing your team work skills and rapport building skills is crucial if you want to progress and secure a promotion. Take on extra work if your colleagues need assistance and show that you are dedicated to the team and company.

Take on Extra Responsibilities

Taking on extra responsibilities at work will not only show you are dedicated but it will also show that you are flexible and can multitask – qualities a manager will look for when deciding your career progress path.

Arrange Regular Meetings

Try to arrange regular meetings with your manager to discuss your progress, any queries you may have and to update them on your current projects. Having regular meetings will not only help you to keep on top of new and upcoming projects but it will ensure your manager is well aware of your work and achievements.

Present Ideas

Have ideas you want to share? Then share them! Arrange a meeting with your colleagues to voice your ideas. Not sure how to organise a presentation? Then read our article on how to give a presentation for some tips.

Go to Social Events

Socialising with your colleagues and your manager is important for your overall career progression. Getting to know people outside of work can help you to build rapport and to feel more relaxed – which are both important when it comes to building your career.

Take on Training

Some candidates can be reluctant to learn new skills or processes but to stand out to your manager ensure that you demonstrate you are keen to learn new skills and to build on your current expertise. This will demonstrate that you are always looking for ways to improve your performance.

Keep a Career Portfolio

As well as arranging regular meetings with your manager you should keep a career portfolio with all of your achievements in it. Your boss is probably very busy on a day-to-day basis and may not have time to track your progress continuously and may not be aware of all of your achievements. Listing them in one place can help you to make them aware of your efforts and can help in an annual appraisal meeting.

Ask for a Promotion

Whether it’s a promotion or a pay rise you want, you need to tell your boss what you are looking for so they can help you put your goals into action.

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