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In most industries you will have to complete some form of work experience and many of these placements are unpaid.

Unfortunately, due to competition and limited job vacancies, many employers require work experience and sometimes the only way to get this is by working for free.

Competitive industries like Journalism, PR and Fashion have thousands of people interested in working and so the pressure to make your resume stand out is huge. One way of making your resume different from the rest is by completing an internship. Not only can this experience boost your resume content but it can give you a valuable insight into the industry and a normal working day.

Internships also enable you to add content to your career portfolio. Whether it’s an event you have worked on, written content or sales figures – you can include this on your resume and it will help you stand out. A lot of internships can lead to paid work if you work hard and make an impression.

Before you start any work experience you should do your research to ensure it’s the right role for you. Look into each company, network with people in the industry and send out applications. Once you are in a work experience position ensure you get to know everyone in the office as they could become valuable contacts in the future.

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