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During your career you may find yourself being offered a job far away from home. Whether you have been targeted to move offices by your boss, are headhunted by a company or you have rewritten your resume to apply for a job in a specific area for personal reasons – relocating can be a big deal. If you are in this position you need to assess the job offer and area thoroughly so we’ve listed below some questions you should be asking before you accept the job to help you decide whether it’s the right move for you.

Is The Job Role Right For You?

If you have actively applied for this position then the answer to this question is probably yes. But if you have been referred by your boss or you have been head-hunted by a company you need to find out the details of the job role and responsibilities to ensure it’s the right role for you. Not only should you be comfortable with the daily responsibilities and work load, but you should also find out more about the promotion prospects and career progression. Moving for a job, even if it’s not far, can be a big upheaval and you should find out if it can be a long-term move.

What is the Team Like?

Rapport building at work is vital. Not only does having good work-place relationships make a day at work more enjoyable, but it is also good for your every day job role. Completing your responsibilities, taking on new work and attending work meetings will be a lot easier if you get on with your team mates. Find out about the team dynamics and also try to find out about the social aspect of work. If you are moving to a new area where you know no one, it could be good to have a strong social scene at work to help you settle in.

Can You Survive On The Salary?

If you’ve been offered a job working in a glamorous location, it may be very tempting to accept the offer immediately. But you should assess the salary and remuneration offer to ensure it fits with your lifestyle. You need to ensure your basic bills are covered but you should also assess whether the salary will help you to achieve long-term goals like saving and investing.

Do You Like the Area?

If you have never been to the area you might be relocating to, then you should! It may be difficult to do this if you are moving abroad, but if you’re moving to the next town or city and have never been you should make a point of visiting. Visit the area your office will be in, visit local landmarks, find out about the local social scene and explore the area to help you visualise your potential life.

Assessing all of this will help you decide whether to relocate for the job or not!

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