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If you have been offered a job it can be tempting to just grab it and accept the first offer you are given. But there are a number of reasons why you should assess your job offer and negotiate.


If you have been offered a job it’s essential that you look at the job description and read it thoroughly before accepting. Accepting a role that you feel doesn’t fit with your career path or one that you feel won’t challenge you could lead to you feeling unhappy at work. Look through the job role and ask the employer about any points you need clarification on as this will ensure you are happy in your new job, if you choose to accept it.


Clarifying with the employer the career progression that is on offer is important to your future career path. If you want to progress in this job or want to work towards a management position then it’s important to find out if these opportunities are available. Don’t be afraid to ask the employer what career progression opportunities are within the company.


Assessing the salary on offer is vital if you want to build a long term career at the company. If you are offered the job then you need to assess whether you are going to be happy with the salary because if you are not it could lead to you feeling resentful. You should also be realistic about the job. Check your current outgoings and bills to ensure that your new position is financially viable.

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