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With the majority of people using Smartphones to connect with contacts, applying for a job on the move has never been easier. Many people now search for jobs and apply on their mobile phone. Check out the tips below to ensure your mobile job application stands out from the competition.

Check You Can Apply

Many companies have recognised the popularity of mobile job hunting and so many organisations have changed their recruitment sites to accept online mobile applications. But this isn’t true of all employers. Some websites will still require you to login via a PC and apply. You should check the job role and company website to discover whether you can apply on the move. It’s not a good idea to leave your job application until you are travelling with your mobile only to find out you can’t actually send in your resume template!

Browse the Internet

All Smartphones have a web browsing capability which means browsing job sites and researching the company you are applying to has never been easier. Use pockets of time – whether it’s in a queue in a supermarket or when you are commuting – to browse your Smartphone for job vacancies.

Download Social Apps

Social media sites like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are all used by companies and employment agencies. Many recruiters use social sites to network with potential candidates and to advertise their jobs. Most of these social sites have a downloadable app that you can save to your Smartphone – making it very easy to log in. Consider downloading these apps so you have instant access to updates.


If you download your email app to your Smartphone you will be able to send quick queries to employers and if you save a draft with your resume attached you can apply for jobs with ease.

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