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If you are planning on travelling abroad but don’t want your job search to be interrupted, we have got some tips below to help you look for employment, even when you’re away!

These job search tips should help you to secure a job interview;

• Take your resume template away with you. You can make any necessary updates to your resume while you are away – including updates to your personal statement, work experience and career objective.

• Print out any job applications and take them with you – if you need to do these online consider taking your iPad or laptop.

• Browsing on your smart phone can be costly abroad so try to restict your data usage. But use your mobile to keep up to date with any emails from employers.

• Practice your job interview techniques with a friend. This can be done anywhere – in your hotel room or in the swimming pool! Practice answering questions and prepare some good questions to ask the employer.

• Chill out. After all, you are on holiday!

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