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If you are currently unemployed and looking for employment read on for tips on how to improve your job search…

Although you may have more time on your hands to look for a job if you’re unemployed, looking for a job can be very difficult if you are out of work. Not only does it make updating your resume and explaining your current employment situation difficult, but receiving rejection after rejection can make you feel unmotivated. If you are looking for a job whilst unemployed, check out these career tips to help you get back into work:

Keep Your Resume Up To Date

When you are job searching you should try to keep your resume as up to date as possible. If you don’t keep your resume up to date then you may end up leaving vital bits of information out or you may even forget to include some work experience or information that could really benefit your job application. Keeping your resume up to date also means that you are ready to send your resume out as soon as you see a vacancy. Quite often with job hunting, the successful candidates are the ones that send their application in as soon as possible. With so much competition out there for work you need to ensure that your resume is one of the first ones an employer sees. Keep it up to date by adding in any extra work experience you might do and assess your career objective and personal statement regularly to keep them as relevant to your current situation as possible.

If you are sending your resume out without much response from employers then it could be worth assessing your resume content. Is it relevant to the job role and the company you are applying to? If it’s not then the employer might not feel that compelled to read it. Every time you apply for a new role read the job description and try to match the responsibilities of the role and the skills needed to your resume and own work experience.

Use Social Media

Social media can be a great tool when job searching as it can be used to find out about new opportunities and you can make valuable industry contacts. If you’re currently unemployed you should check social media sites like Twitter and Linked In on a daily basis and find out about new opportunities. Create a profile on social media, include a small biography and links to any other pages like a blog or website that you want employers to see and get chatting. The more you talk and interact on social media sites, the more you will get from it!

A lot of companies now use social media to advertise their latest vacancies so having a social profile will mean you’ll find out about the latest vacancies first. Start searching for companies you would like to work for and follow them, comment on industry news and topical conversations and make industry connections to get the most out of social media.

Talk to Careers Advisors

Career advisors can be very helpful during a job search as they can help you to pinpoint your career strengths and weaknesses and find relevant job roles. Search for career advisors in your area and arrange a meeting. Local recruitment advisors are also valuable during a job search as they will have access to all of the latest job opportunities.


When unemployed it can be easy to get stuck in a rut which can hinder your resume content and your job confidence. If you are out of work for a long period of time it can be difficult to integrate into a working environment and it can be quite damaging to your overall confidence and career development. To avoid this you could try applying for voluntary roles or internships. The majority of charities look for volunteers all year round to help in a variety of roles so whether it’s gaining experience working outdoors or in an office environment, this can be very beneficial to your resume. A lot of companies offer internships for people looking to gain experience in a particular industry. Whilst internships are often unpaid or only pay expenses, they can be good work experience for your resume, can build your job confidence and can help you to meet industry contacts. Some internships and voluntary roles can even turn into employment if you impress during your time at the company so this is something to consider applying for whilst you look for a job.

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