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If you have got a job interview coming up take a look at our check list to fully prepare!

Job Description

Before you attend a job interview you should print out the job description of the role you are interviewing for and get to know it well. If you’ve got to the interview stage then the chances are you will already know the job role but doing extra research will help you feel more prepared. What are the main responsibilities of the job? What skills does this job require? Knowing all of this prior to the interview will help you to feel more organised.

Research Company

You have no doubt researched the organisation by now but you should do some further research to show just how keen you are to work for the company. Find out their key goals and ethos and find out names of the directors to show you have done your research.

Practice Questions

It’s almost impossible to predict every question an employer is going to ask you but practicing and at least trying to anticipate a few will help. Think of standard questions – most employers will ask about your resume content, your career history and what you can bring to their company. Prepare for these by asking yourself these questions and practicing your response. It will help your job interview to go more smoothly.

Write Questions

To stand out from the crowd you should list some questions you want to ask during a job interview. Asking questions will show you are intuitive and have a real interest in working for the company. Using information you have found from your research, think of some questions to ask about both the job role and company.

Plan Route

Being late to an interview can seriously damage your chances of securing the job so ensure you plan your route and that you allow for plenty of time to get there.


The night before your interview pack what you will need to take with you. Layout your job interview outfit, print out copies of your resume, have copies of your job interview questions and have directions to the office and names of the people you are going to see. This will help you to feel organised and will help you to impress during the actual interview.

Good luck!

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